Denture Care

Denture Care

It is important to care for your denture to maximise the life span. Please see below for care instructions of your denture:

• Brush your dentures at night with a tooth brush or a denture brush – DO NOT use tooth paste on your denture. Tooth paste is abrasive, if used frequently this will wear down your denture.

• Place dentures in a glass of water over night -This helps keep the dentures hydrated. Acrylic is an absorbent material. If acrylic is left out over time it becomes more brittle therefore is more prone to breakage.

• Other cleaning products – There are numerous cleaning products available for dentures such as, Denture baths, Denture cleaning tablets. These products are not a necessity; however, they are affective. Most products can be purchased through your local super market or chemist; others are provided at Denture or Dental Clinics.

• See you Dental Prosthetist every 12 months for an Oral Cancer Check, Review of your gums and Denture and a Professional Denture Clean and Polish - As your mouth constantly changes over time, we highly recommend a Check up with your Dental Prosthetist once every 12 months. This allows us to complete an Oral Cancer Check, review your gums and Denture and give your Denture a Profession Clean and Polish. We can also make any adjustments required.

Do Not

• Adjust your own denture

• Repair your own denture using super glue – This changes the fit of your denture and makes the professional repair more complex and in some cases impossible.

• Use Hot or Boiling water – This will warp your denture

• Bleach or any other strong chemicals – This changes the colour of your denture.


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