We Make 3 Types of Mouthguards

- Rookie

This Mouthguard is advised for children up to the age of 15. As children are growing they would require a new Mouthguard once a year

- Senior

This Mouthguard is advised for children from the age of 16 to adults

- Professional

This Mouthguard is advised for adults who are playing sport on a professional level


A Mouthguard should be worn when playing contact sport. Made from a soft plastic or laminate material mouthguards should be worn to prevent oral injuries to the teeth, mouth, cheeks, tongue and jaw during contact sport. A mouthguard spreads the point of impact across a wider range/area reducing risks of damage to your teeth, cheek, tongue, jaw and also reduces the risk of concussion.

A Professionally made Mouthguard is highly recommended as they are individually custom made. A dental impression is taken of your teeth and from this mould your custom made Mouthguard is manufactured. This gives the Mouthguard a better fit so it stays in place, supports your teeth and jaw joints. We also have the ability to imprint your name and phone number inside your Mouthguard. We can make your Mouthguard in virtually any colour, we also offer all AFL team colours.